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Anest Iwata LRA-200 Automatic Spray Gun

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Anest Iwata LRA-200 Automatic Spray Gun

Descriptions :

ANEST IWATA’s LRA200 full-size, high-performance HVLP automatic spray gun is ideal for applications requiring precise spray pattern control or fluid circulation.

Brand : Anest Iwata

Model : LRA-200

Features :

- With central air and corner air controlled separately, the pattern width can be changed remotely during coating, reducing overspray.

- A paint circulation mechanism is employed for metallic paint and other types of paint that deposit rapidly.

- The compact body is easy to install in a limited space. The gun can be used with not only coating robots but also other types of apparatus such as automatic coating equipment.


- This automatic spray gun does not have an air valve. See the system diagram below.

- The joint is of a commercially available product.


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