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Rotary Encoder / Rotary Actuator

Electric Actuator XA-35H-100 XA Series
RM599.00 Ex Tax: RM599.00

Electric Actuator XA-35H-100 XA SeriesDescriptions:Type: XA-35-H-100Item: X3300093SUS Corp: Made In ..

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Hi-Rotar/Standard, PRN Series (PRN150S-270-45) Used
RM380.00 Ex Tax: RM380.00

Hi-Rotar/Standard, PRN Series (PRN150S-270-45) UsedSpecifications:Brand: KurodaType: Axis output of ..

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Keystone EPI 18 Int Compact Electric Actuator
RM1,800.00 Ex Tax: RM1,800.00

Keystone EPI 18 Int Compact Electric ActuatorDescriptions:Brand: KeystoneVoltage: 220 HZ: 50/60Amp: ..

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Omron E6CP-AG5C-C 256 2M Rotary Encoder
RM1,500.00 Ex Tax: RM1,500.00

Omron E6CP-AG5C-C 256 2M Rotary EncoderSpecifications:Model: Absolute encoderConstruction size: 50 m..

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SMC Pneumatic Rotary Actuator 10-CDRB1BW20-90S (Used)
RM150.00 Ex Tax: RM150.00

SMC Pneumatic Vane Type 180 Degrees Rotary Actuator 10-CDRB1BW20-90S (Used)Description:-- Max.Press ..

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Sumtak Optcoder Encoder LBJ-176-2000
RM359.00 Ex Tax: RM359.00

Sumtak LBJ-176-2000 Optcoder 5V Dc 80mASpecifications :Type: Optcoder LBJ-176-200Requires: 5 VDC, 80..

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